poniedziałek, 11 kwietnia 2011

very paris

so, here it is. very paris update. a lot of various photos from Paris. this is the first, main part of them. i've next three (Louvre, cementeries, and chasing Amélie) ready to post.

and little conclusion about Paris: this city amazed me. literally. the people (everybody are incredibly kind), the architecture (even usual block looks gorgeous), the metro (O-M-G! i want to have it here! it's soooooooo fast and convienient), the habits (everything is so logical. for example: you don't need to wait for green light, just crossing the street when there is no car. without consequences!) and many, many other, silly things.
and i don't care what price i'll pay for this trip. it was worth it! realization of dreams is one of many ways to be happy ;)

2 komentarze:

  1. jaaak ci zazdroszcze to niemożliwe .
    trzecie od dołu jest moją tapetą :D

  2. hell yeah, amazing photos!! :) especially the second one - awesome sky and lighting :))