wtorek, 28 czerwca 2011

in the middle of the storm

yesterday, I logged on to blogger and i've noticed, that my last post was a MONTH ago! so, lastly i've had an exams in school. this time i passed only one of them (which wasn't actually an exam - it was an assessment). but i'll pass them in september, no worries ;D

now, of course, i'm having holidays, which means, that i'm watching more tv shows and movies than usually; spending more time on facebook (is that even possible?); baking and cooking more than often... everything. except... taking pictures! i need to fix it. more pictures and less... um. definitely more time :D

this couple of shots are from 22nd june. i was standing on a balcony and capturing the storm. of course i'm aware of the fact that they aren't perfect (they're very noisy), but that was my very first 'storm session' ;)
so once again - more pictures, less wasting time.

oh, at the end catch something to listen to:

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  1. dzięki tobie nie zapomnę, jak wygląda parkowa :)