poniedziałek, 22 sierpnia 2011

holidays: tiny pleasures

whoa! it's been almost two months since last post. but not many things happened to me during this time. the main thing - i've been in sopot for two weeks. the weather was good. everything other too, but i took not as many photos as always. i dunno why. today i've prepared them to publish and during next few days i will post them here ;)

these two weeks in sopot were nice. but not superb. ok, there was a few wonderful days, but... well. nevermind. i'll try to remeber only good ones :) and to not be groundless, todays portion of photos are from those days. and i must say that i really miss the la crema cafe (the ninth photo)

so, that's all for today. i'll post something more in the upcoming week.

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