środa, 21 września 2011

holidays: toruń

okay. all exams finished. for now, I failed one of them. hoping that there won't be more fails. now i'm waiting for one more results (keep your fingers crossed).

and there's nothing more to say. (no more ace to play...)

whole last week i was studying. with a focus on DYING, cause i was sick (and still i am). so, enjoy those old, sunny pictures from Toruń (all, except one <<guess which?>> was taken on 16th august) and i'm back to bed. (don't you think there's too much brackets ;D?)


UPDATE: everything is just right - i've passed the last exam :] you kept your fingers very well ;)

2 komentarze:

  1. Third wasn't taken on the 16th of August. Am i right? ;) I like the best sky on your photos.

    Toruń is the place where I study. It's small, but quite friendly.

    I will keep my fingers crossed. And wish you health!

  2. I know that it's unnecessary to write in English. But it's a good exercise. I haven't had English for year. I will start lessons again on 2nd year of study in October :D