niedziela, 25 grudnia 2011

merry xmas

whoa! it's been so long since the last post here. i wasn't in the mood for taking pictures. i was focused on living; on not taking care about a lot of things. during this time i was working (posting?) hard on my iphotography blog

now we have xmas. and using the situation for holding camera I took some pictures for this blog. but to be honest - not expect many updates in the near future. why? the first reason is iphotography blog; the second reason is the fact of playing with polaroids; and the last but not least: exams are coming. and i really should take them seriously.

but for now, i want to wish you all the best for xmas :) 

PS. don't eat too much ;)
PPS. yep, new template is here. hope u like it ;)

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