wtorek, 17 stycznia 2012

cold shivers

just because it's the first post in 2012 i want to say hello!
i thought i will post anything here much later, but it seems that i've only one exam to pass. well ok. two exams. one from the previous semester and one from this semester.

anyway. finally we've real winter! after weeks of autumn weather, the snow came down. 

so today i want to show you as i see the winter. full of contrasts, overexposed places and odd shapes, with a bit of emptiness and solitude. it's my second favourite season, just after the autumn.

enjoy and expect more soon.

PS. when i took a camera today i realised how much i've missed it ;)

1 komentarz:

  1. You've really captured how snow can be beautiful and your photographs are inspirational for magical stories :)