wtorek, 10 kwietnia 2012

changes, changes, changes

ok. it's spring, and my blog's latest post contains a lot of snow. this is officially bad. this blog looks like zombie now. but since my first time with polaroids I didn't touched my dslr, so I don't have anything to post here. so what? remain this zombie-like blog alone? no way!
as you remember, i have another blog here, on blogger. it contains everyday pictures from my iphone (and since few days from ipad as well). in addition I have a flickr account with my polaroids. keeping those places up to date is too much to me. i feel shattered somehow.
so today i've made the decision. during next few days i'll merge my iphotography blog with this one. and using the situation, i'll post my polaroids here. and when the update will be done, i'll be posting everyhting here, on one blog.
i hope that the merging won't be painfully (only time-consuming) and i'll finish everything until next week.
keep your fingers crossed and give me your thoughts about it (if you still watching this blog).

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