środa, 15 sierpnia 2012

swinoujscie, part 3

last part of photos from swinoujscie.
and a little summary: i spent two wonderful weeks at the seashore. two weeks full of calmness, good mood and smiles. no arguing, no yelling at each other. just resting.

and those was the first holidays when i didn't care about taking my dslr everywhere. i'm just tired of dragging it all over with myself. i was enjoying the moments and capturing them with anything i've had at that specific moment: polaroid, dslr or iphone. almost all of the pictures, from those three sources are now here.

i know that's been ages from the last post, but i came back to the instagram (and stopped uploading iphone photos here), then when i came back from swinoujscie, my pc broke down (luckily i have a laptop) but my scanner refused to work with mac. as a result, i couldn't scan my polaroids. but in the meantime i took care about iphone photos, and dslr. today i bought new scanner, scanned all polaroids taken on holidays and uploaded everything here. phew, finally.

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